“Designing a new loft…….I was clueless! I am a 29 year old single guy who just recently moved to the Las Colinas area. I found some brand new lofts right on the lake and was excited to make a nice “bachelor pad.” However, after being in school for 10 years, all I had left was college furniture and could not fathom designing a place. That’s when I found an interior designer in the area, Leslie Thomas. I could not imagine working with anyone different! After we talked the first time, she immediately made an appointment to come over and help me out. I was amazed at how accessible she was, always there to answer questions. I hardly did anything! From the furniture to the bathroom to the bedding to the wall paint, she did everything! I am extremely busy with work, and Leslie always worked around my schedule to work with me. I cannot believe all of the compliments I have had on my new place! I highly recommend Leslie Thomas to design any home, office, or apartment!” – Dr. Austin Church

“Let me begin by saying I have been in new home sales for 12 years. I have had the pleasure of working with several designers throughout that time. When we decided it was time to build our own custom home we thought long and hard before we hired someone. Since I had come to know Leslie 6 years ago, I was very familiar with her work. The quality of her finish out matched very well with our personal taste, so we thought she would be a great match. We gave her a trial when we had a home to sell and hired her to do the staging. In a down market we received 3 offers in 3 weeks and quickly sold our home. She was able to take our current furnishings, and by purchasing a few additional items, transformed our home so much that I looked at my husband and exclaimed, “Wow, I don’t want to move now.”

What we didn’t expect was the level of patience, hand holding, and gentle persistence we received from Leslie. Little did we know it was exactly what we needed. She would check in with us every single week to see what assistance we needed with that particular stage of construction. Once we were settled in, Leslie helped us with the placement of our furniture and the purchase of all goods necessary to make our house a home. When we had our house warming party people could not stop raving about how warm, inviting, and spectacular our home looked. Since then we have freely given anyone who asks her contact information. Also, she’s a savvy bargain shopper, which anyone can appreciate. We plan on building again within two years and will definitely collaborate with her on that project.” -Susan Oxley